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                      “The Marble Mountain Horse Estate”


  1. A Unique, Private, Secluded Retreat – The Marble Mountain Horse Estate, situated in Historic Harmony, New Jersey, is a unique and private mountaintop Equestrian Estate where one can relax and release tension
    New Jersey Horse Property For Sale For Purchase To Buy 2493 Belvidere Rd Harmony NJ 08865 small weband stress.  The gated Estate's facilities include features that an equestrian of any riding discipline would love to have while enjoying unparalleled majestic, close and distant, 360 degree panoramic views.  The Estate gives the feeling of being at a remote resort with proximity to the amenities one would desire.  Because the present owners have kept the estate inconspicuously private, very few know there is an Equestrian Estate majestically situated atop Marble Mountain.  There are no neighbors, no one looking out their windows at you, no loud noises, just peace and quiet in the serenity of your own private enclave retreat.  Come and enjoy horseback riding, a wonderful way to occupy the mind with something other than the daily stress of life.  After riding in the mountaintop ring and manicured trails, you can relax with a chilled beverage in the heated pool and hot tub while enjoying the views, sunsets or starlit night overhead. 
    1. Majestically Situated On Top of Marble Mountain in western NJ – The foundation of the natural fieldstone house literally straddles the very top of Marble Mountain like the way a saddle sits on a horse. The unique geographic feature of this mountaintop, is what gives the entire estate it's 360 degree, panoramic close and distant views. 
    2. Exquisite, Mountain-Top Views – Being situated much higher than many of the surrounding land features, gives the entire estate unparalleled views reminiscent of being at your own private mountain resort.
      1. Panoramic, 360 Degree Close & Distant Views - On a clear, sunny day one can see the many majestic views including, but not limited to, the following features:Aerial New Jersey 2493 Belvidere Rd Horse Estate For Sale 7 small web
        1. Montana Mountain – Looking 4 miles southeast across the valley is Majestic Montana Mountain, which rises well above the valley floor.  On one end of Montana Mountain is the valley basin and moving 5.7 miles northward is Merrill Creek Environmental Recreation Reservoir. 
        2. Harker’s Hollow Golf Club – Looking .7 miles southeast into the valley and up the side of Montana Mountain is the Historic Harker’s Hollow Golf Club with an 18-hole golf course, large pool, kiddie pool, tennis courts, and golf club with amenities. 
        3. Wind Gap – Looking approximately 22.8 miles to the west is the view of the Wind Gap in Pennsylvania.  This massive geological fault or break in the Kittatinny Ridge is a landmark where the Pocono Mountains both end and begin. 
        4. Delaware Water Gap – Looking approximately 20 miles to the northwest is a view of the Delaware Water Gap.  This massive geological fault or break in the Kittatinny Ridge is where the Delaware River passes from the Pocono Mountains into New Jersey.  The Delaware Water Gap is a well-known recreation area with an emphasis on mountain hiking, the Appalachian Trail, canoeing, water sports, skiing, biking, etc. 
        5. High Point – Looking 53 miles well to the north, approximately half the length of the state of New Jersey, is a view of Historic High Point New Jersey.  This is the highest point in New Jersey celebrated with a well-lit massive monolith-like structure at the top of the mountain.  High Point State Park is situated below the monument with a lake and many recreational activities near the tri-state meeting of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
        6. Kittatinny Ridge – Looking 17 miles well to the southwest, west and northwest is a massive geologic ridge Sunset 5 edited 600that runs north and south, which is the starting point for the Pocono Mountains, and is the ridge wherein the Wind Gap. Delaware Water Gap and High Point are situated. 
        7. Delaware River – At its closest point from the estate, it is 1.5 miles and wraps around from the north to the south.  This river has many recreational activities, and the scenery is very enjoyable while driving along the river in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania.  Located along many sections of the Delaware River, is the historic Delaware Canal system, which has walkways on either side for your enjoyment and exercise. 
        8. Beautiful Sunsets – The sunsets to the west at The Marble Mountain Horse Estate are breathtakingly beautiful.  The sun sets slowly over the Kittatinny Ridge with a rich golden glow over everything.  Once the sun touches the top of the Kittatinny Ridge, it takes approximately 3 minutes for the entire diameter of the sun to pass below the top of the Ridge setting off a spectacular show of colors in the sky, reflecting off any cloud
  2. Riding Ring – The large private outdoor riding ring was carved out of the top of Marble Mountain affording equestrian riders of all disciplines a pleasant mountaintop riding opportunity with panoramic views in all directions.  The riding ring was formed with crushed stone atop hard packed soil with a finishing layer of dark sand followed by a light colored sand to reflect more light at night from the high intensity lights.  Dressage shows were the major influence when planning the surface of the riding ring.
    1. Outdoor – The riding ring was constructed outdoors to capture the beauty of the entire mountaintop estate.  The daytime views are spectacular and the nighttime views of the stars while riding in the lighted ring are breathtaking.  It is indeed a unique experience.
    2. Dressage, Full Size – The riding ring was constructed large enough to contain a full size Dressage BARN - RING PHOTO 4 MMHE FINAL small web. 2493 Belvidere Rd New Jersey Equestrian Properties Warren County 600wriding ring with plenty of riding room outside of the Dressage area for riders of other disciplines.  The classical low, white PVC Dressage fencing is available to set up within the riding ring. 
      1. Jumping – For those riders interested in equestrian jumping there are a variety of jumps available to be used as desired.  The large size of the riding ring will easily facilitate a jumping course. 
      2. Western – Riders preferring Western disciplines can exercise their horses first in the 60 foot round pen, practice maneuvers in the riding ring and then go out to the private pastures and riding trails. 
      3. Barrel Racing – For those adventurous riders interested in the disciplines of barrel racing, western reigning, etc., the large riding ring and packed surface are more than adequate to practice these riding styles.    
    3. Lighting – The barn, riding ring and round pen areas are well lit to allow riding at any hour of the night for the enjoyment of those riders who prefer the cooler nighttime temperatures under the stars. 
    4. Fencing – The pastures and paddocks are all fenced with a 3-rail, split rail, electrified fence to keep the horses off the fences.  The riding ring and round pen areas are not electrified to avoid New Jersey Equestrian Estates in Warren Count horse property 600waccidental shock while riding and training horses. 
      1. White PVC – The riding ring and round pen security areas are fenced with white PVC fencing, which is flexible and energy absorbing to avoid injuries to horses and riders. 
  3. Indoor Arena – There is no indoor riding arena.
    1. 4 Acre Field Suitable for Large Indoor Arena – Although there is no indoor riding arena at this time, there is a very suitable 4 acre field where an indoor riding arena could be built.  The field is currently used as a fenced pasture and would easily fit a large arena with many stalls.
    2. 230 Feet of Road Frontage – The 4 acre field has approximately 230 feet of road frontage for multiple entrances and parking.
      1. Marble Hill Road – The 230 foot road frontage on Marble Hill Road would facilitate an easy entrance and parking area for the riding arena.  This is a rural road near Route 519, with little traffic. 
    3. Electric Service Available at Road – The electric, telephone and DSL service for the entire estate is at Marble Hill Road.  The electric and telephone service for the indoor arena would also be at Marble Hill Road.  
  4. Round Pen – The lighted round pen is adjacent to the outdoor riding ring and is a great training aid to exercise horses that have not been ridden in a while or when using new riding tack for the first time. 
    1. 60 Foot Diameter – The round pen has a 60 foot diameter and is large enough for most riding horses to be exercised in.  The 6 foot high round pen is made of welded galvanized steel pipe and has a full height entrance gate to fit most riding horses.
    2. Outer Security Fence – Outside of the 60 foot round pen is a fenced-in grazing area to contain horses before they enter the round pen.  This outer security fence is electrified to keep the horses away from the fence. 
    3. Lighted – The entire 60 foot round pen and fenced-in security area is lighted for nighttime training and riding. 
  5. Park-Style Wood & Concrete Benches – To help enjoy the equestrian activities and the BARN RING PHOTO 11 MMHE FINAL  2493 Belvidere rd  New Jersey Horse Estates in Harmonyambiance or the estate, park-style benches are located around the property.  These are the classic benches with concrete ends and wood rails to for the seating area. 
    1. 6 Benches Strategically Located to Enjoy Horse Estate – The park-style benches although heavy, can be moved and placed wherever desired.  They add a nice park-like atmosphere to the estate.
  6. Barn – The horse barn is situated atop Marble Mountain adjacent to the judging stand and riding ring.  It has plenty of air circulation for the comfort of the horses.  The seven (7) stalls lead out their Dutch doors to large pasture grazing areas.  The barn could be easily expanded if desired, and the grazing land would be very capable of supporting additional horses. 
    1. Adequate Parking – Outside one end of the horse barn is a graveled and grass parking area, as needed for equestrian events.  Additional parking is also available on one of several pastures adjacent the entrance lane. 
    2. Full Electric & Water – The barn has full electrical service for the fans, lights, Nelson heated Waterers, automatic feeders, radio, receptacles and electrically heated tack room.  The barn also has potable water for the Nelson heated Waterers, water fountain and two frost free hydrants in the crosstie area.
    3. Inside & Outside Lighting – The barn has inside, caged lighting in the tack-room, crosstie area, stalls and hayloft.  Outside, at each end of the barn, are sodium vapor exterior lights with automatic day/night sensors that light the areas at both ends of the barn all night. 
    4. 2 Frost-Free Water Hydrants – At each end of the crosstie area in the barn is a frost-free hydrant for water and hose connections.  The actual water valve for each hydrant is located well below the frost level to prevent freezing. 
    5. Concrete Floor In Crosstie Area – The crosstie area in the center of the barn is poured reinforced concrete over a bed of compacted earth, gravel and sand.  This gives horses solid footing on a flat surface and will show little wear over many years of heavy use.
    6. 7, 12x12 Matted Stalls – Heavy thick rubber mats cover the entire floor of each 12 x 12 foot Barn Tack Area 600wstall.  They are comfortable for the horses, warmer in the winter and do not show any signs of wear after heavy use. 
    7. Flexibility to have Double Birthing Stall – The two adjacent stalls next to the heated tack room have the flexibility to be used as the birthing stall when needed.
      1. Removable Stall Divider Wall - The wall between the two stalls can be removed to form one larger birthing stall 24 wide and 12 feet deep with two Dutch Doors. 
      2. View From Tack Room Window – The birthing stall has a barred viewing window to the tack room by which a camera can be attached for remote viewing when necessary. 
    8. Nelson Automatic, Heated Waterers in Each Stall – Each of the 7 stalls has a Nelson automatic heated waterer to avoid the necessity of filling buckets every morning and evening, so there is never a need to chip ice out of buckets.  
    9. Numerous Electrical Receptacles by the Stalls – Electrical receptacles have been mounted by each stall door for special equipment and stall fans during the hot summer months. 
    10. Automatic Timer for Electrical Receptacles by Stalls – The electrical receptacles by each stall are controlled by an automatic timer, which operates the stall fans only when needed. 
    11. Automatic Electric Grain Feeders in Each Stall – The electric automatic grain feeders drop a measured amount of grain from a hopper into the feed buckets in each stall at predetermined times each day.  This avoids the necessity of having to be there to feed the horses, especially early in the morning.   
    12. Stall Dutch Doors Lead Directly to Large Pastures – Each of the 7 stalls have a Dutch Door, which leads to large pastures on each side of the barn.  Most of the time these doors can be left open allowing the horses to come and go and graze at their leisure. 
    13. Outside 100 Gallon Heated Water Troughs – On each side of the barn in the two large pasture grazing areas outside is a 100 gallon heated water trough for the horses.  This supplies drinking water for the horses in addition to their Nelson Waterers in their stalls. 
    14. Outside Water Fountain for Human Use – Outside the barn is a polished chrome drinking fountain for human use.  It is especially appreciated while riding on hot summer days. 
    15. Tack Room – This 12 x 12 foot, lighted and heated tack room houses all the saddles, bridles, radio, and other riding equipment. Barn Tack Room edited 600w
      1. Temperature Electrically Controlled – The tack room is comfortably heated electrically and the heat
        is controlled via a wall thermostat.
      2. 2 Doors – The tack room has two windowed doors.  One door opens to the outside and the other door opens to the crosstie area. 
      3. Barred Window to Outside – A large barred window to the outside provides a nice source of natural light with beautiful views.
      4. Barred Window to Birthing Stall – This is a great window to visually look through or to set up a remote viewing camera. 
      5. Telephone – A telephone outlet is provided for a landline connection.
      6. Lights – There are two, caged, one hundred watt lights in the tack room providing more than adequate lighting for all purposes.  There are also electrical receptacles in the tack room for any additional equipment. 
      7. Many Saddle, Bridle & Equipment Racks – Along the walls and hanging from the ceiling are many hooks, racks, shelves, and saddle racks for all equestrian needs. 
      8. Concrete Floor – Like the crosstie area, the poured reinforced concrete floor sits atop compacted earth, gravel and sand. 
    16. Music Throughout Barn Area – Music to the entire barn area is provided by a radio in the tack East Coast Equestrian Ranches For Sale at 2493 belvidere rd harmony nj 08865 by Jason Freeby at 908 454 1717 ext 228 or 908 572 0722 at weichert at www.newjerseylandsale.com sm400room wired to two exterior, weatherproof loud speakers in the barn. 
    17. Hay Loft – The hayloft is situated over the crosstie area and over the tack room.  This provides more than adequate stacking space for all the bales of hay needed to winter over and the hay grown on the estate’s hay fields. 
      1. Electric Lifting Winch – In order to lift the 50 lbs. bags of grain for the automatic feeders to the hayloft area, an electric winch attached to a lifting platform will lift three bags at a time with the press of a button. 
      2. 30 Inch Exhaust Fan – The barn cupola houses a large 30 inch electric exhaust fan to help circulate the air in the barn and remove any accumulating heat in the hay loft. 
      3. Sliding Doors at Each End – At each end of the hayloft is a sliding door to be opened in the hot summer months and to assist in storing and stacking hay bales. 
  7. Judge’s Stand – This 24 foot wide naturally elevated judging and viewing stand was constructed to afford viewers and judges a very comfortable way to oversee the entire riding ring.
    1. Naturally Elevated by Landscaping – The judging and viewing stand takes advantage of the natural land elevations and is approximately 10 feet above the surface of the outdoor riding ring. 
    2. Telephone – A landline is hard wired to the judging stand for a conventional telephone.  Of course cell service at this mountaintop location is excellent for smart phone users.BARN - RING PHOTO 5 MMHE FINAL small web 2493 Belvidere rd  New Jersey Horse Estates edited 600w
    3. Lights – The judging and viewing stand has dimmer controlled lighting to facilitate all low light conditions.
    4. Heat – A large ceiling mounted three element infrared heater is located in the center of the viewing and judging stand.  The heater is controlled by an electrical timer, which automatically turns it off.  
    5. Chairs – High-back swivel chairs are used for comfort, versatility and viewing.
    6. Counter Area – A large counter area runs the entire length of the viewing and judging stand.
    7. Electrical Receptacles – Electrical receptacles are situated throughout the viewing and judging stand to power any electrical equipment.
    8. Large 2 Foot Clock – A large, outdoor 110 volt electrical two foot diameter clock with a sweeping minute hand is situated on the front of the viewing and judging stand to be easily seen by riders in the riding ring.
    9. Wiring for Public Address System – Underground wires are in place from the judging stand to the light poles at two corners of the riding ring for the installation of a future public address system. 
  8. Paddocks (5) – Five large paddocks, in additional to the two (2) large pastures at the barn and the 4 acre fenced pasture, were created to have adequate grazing land for horses and still be able to maintain appropriate separation.  All this grazing land eliminates the need for hay during the summer months.
    1. Full Electric & Water – Each paddock has electric connectivity for lights, heated waterers and New Jersey Horse Estate Property Lines 2493 Belvidere Rd Phillipsburg NJ 08865 600welectrical receptacles and one frost-free water hydrant.  
    2. Electrified Split Rail Fences – All paddock and pasture fences are wired for high voltage to keep the horses away from the fences.
    3. Nelson Automatic, Heated Waterers – Each paddock has its own Nelson heated automatic waterer housed in large, heavy concrete collars to prevent the horses from leaning on the waterers and damaging them. 
    4. Frost-Free Water Hydrant in Each Paddock – Each paddock has its own frost-free water hydrant for attaching hoses and other water related implements.
    5. Lights – Each paddock has its own rotating flood light for low light conditions. 
    6. GFI Receptacles – Each paddock has a ground fault receptacle for any needed electrical equipment.
  9. Run-in Shed – Two of the paddocks share a common run-in shed for the horses to use for shade in sunny, hot summer days.  They may also decide to use the run-in shed in other inclement weather. 
    1. Services 2 Paddocks – The run-in shed sits between the divider-fence of two paddocks, affording the horses in both paddocks the use of the run-in shed.
  10. Hay Fields – In order to provide the hay for the horses, the estate grows its own hay to avoid the unnecessary costs and difficulties in acquiring and buying hay. 
    1. – The estate has approximately 14 acres of hay fields used to grow and harvest all the hay that is needed.
    2. The typical yearly hay yield is approximately 800 bales of hay, but could be more if additional cuttings were taken advantage of.
      1. Could Double Output with Nitrogen – With the addition of nitrogen fertilizer, the hay yield could easily be doubled with several cuttings per year.  However, with the present stable of four private horses, the additional hay is not needed. 
    3. Harvested Annually For Our Horses by Local Farmer – The Marble Mountain Horse Estate uses a local dairy farmer to harvest, bale and stack the hay from the estate’s hay fields.  This New Jersey Horse Estate Forrest For Sale at 2493 Belvidere Rd Harmony New Jersey 08865 flat sm400individual has all the equipment and experience to cut, bale and stack hay. 
  11. Private 8 Acres of Forest – The Marble Mountain Horse Estate has approximately 8 acres of forest with manicured private horse riding trails. 
    1. Private Riding Trails – The private riding trails have the following names:
      1. Highfields Trail
      2. Horseshoe Lane
      3. Bridle Path
      4. Chesterfield Court
      5. Breeches Terrace
  12. History of Property – The mountaintop property in historic Harmony, New Jersey was original used as a farm with many of the old stone fence piles still in existence throughout the forest. 
    1. Farm Winery, 1979 – In 1979, the property was converted by the present owners to a farm
      Vineyard Plaque 600w 2493 belvidere rd historic vineyard of New Jersey For Sale.real estatewinery and 10 acre vineyard.
      1. Marble Mountain Vineyards – The original name of the farm winery vineyard created in 1979 was Marble Mountain Vineyards.
        1. 1979 Corner Stone – When the natural local fieldstone house was built, a corner stone
          was added with the name Marble Mountain Vineyards and the year, 1979. 
        2. 10 Acre Wine Grape Vineyard – The wine grape vineyard grew to encompass 10 acres over approximately a 10-year period.
        3. 30 Tons of Wine Grapes Per Year – The wine grape vineyard grew to produce approximately 30 tons of grapes per year with a projected 50 ton per year yield at full maturity. 
      2. European Vinifera Grapes – The following classic European Vinifera grape varieties were grown at Marble Mountain Vineyards:
        1. Chardonnay
        2. Sauvignon Blanc
        3. Cabernet Sauvignon
        4. Merlot
        5. Petit Syrah
      3. French American Hybrid Grapes – The following French American Hybrid grape varieties were also grown at Marble Mountain Vineyards:
        1. Seyval Blanc
        2. Vidal Blanc
        3. Chambourcin
        4. Leon Millot
        5. Chelois
        6. Baco Noir
    2. Horse Estate, 1990 – In 1990, Marble Mountain Vineyards was converted to The Marble Mountain Horse Estate.
      1. Vineyard Converted to Horse Estate – At this time the grapevines and grape trellises were all removed, and the paddocks and pastures were created with the other equestrian improvements.
  13. Farm-Land Assessed – But for the one acre the house is situated on, the remaining acreage of the Marble Mountain Horse Estate is farmland assessed providing a reduction in property taxes. 
  14. Outside of Highlands Area – The Marble Mountain Horse Estate is not in the New Jersey Highlands Area.
    1. No Restrictions on Expanding Home or Barn – Being outside of the New Jersey Highlands Area,
      Balloons 2 edited 600wthere are few restrictions on expanding the home, barn and adding other improvements. 
  15. Private Hunting On Your Estate – As a private estate owner, there are few hunting restrictions while on your own property. 
  16. House – The natural fieldstone house is majestically situated atop Marble Mountain in Harmony, New Jersey and was designed with many large full sized windows to capture the views from any room.  The location of the estate gives the impression of being on top of the world at your own private, secluded resort with great proximity to all the amenities. 
    1. Adequate Parking, 2 Levels – There is adequate bi-level parking by the house with additional parking space at the barn.
    2. Construction Began in 1979 – The poured reinforced concrete foundation straddling the top of Marble Mountain began in the summer of 1979 with the remainder of the house being completed over the following five years. 
    3. Natural, Local Fieldstone Exterior – In order to have a durable exterior that was impervious to the elements and very quiet, natural fieldstone from the surrounding fields was collected and used.  The fieldstone’s natural color blends well with the geology of the area. 
    4. Slate Roof, Stainless Steel Flashing & Gutters – For a very durable and quiet roof material, natural slate was selected from a slate pit in Slatington, Pennsylvania.  Each slate is held in place with the traditional copper nails.  All flashing, gutters and leaders are of stainless steel to last indefinitely. 
    5. 2 Large Fieldstone, Wood-Burning Fireplaces – To capture the essence of a private resort estate, two large floor-to-ceiling wood burning fireplaces were constructed using the natural fieldstone from the area.  Tempered glass doors were used to enclose the fire pit area, and external combustion air is ducted into the fire pit to minimize warm air being drawn from the room. 
      1. Floor-to-Ceiling – The supporting structure for the two stone fireplaces begins at the foundation and continues upward through two floors to the top of the large chimney.  This structure easily facilitated the construction of two floor-to-ceiling fieldstone fireplaces in the two 25 x 25 foot rooms.  Each firplace has a thick red oak mantel the width of the fireplace.  
      2. External Combustion Air Sources – To prevent the fireplaces from drawing warm combustion air from the rooms, external combustion air is ducted into both fire pit areas. Tempered glass doors in front of each fireplace allow the warm ambiance of the fire while preventing warm room air from escaping up the chimney. 
  17. Reinforced Concrete Foundation & Supporting Structures – The poured, steel reinforced concrete foundation was constructed in the summer of 1979.  The remaining concrete structures, including the four 20 inch concrete columns supporting the 44 ton concrete second floor and 6 foot concrete cantilevered deck, were constructed during subsequent years.
  18. House Foundation Straddles Top of Marble Mountain – the foundation was designed to be very strong as it straddled the rock top of Marble Mountain.  The structure was designed to be part of the mountain for very sound footing and to prevent movement and settling. 
  19. Remodeled Kitchen, Foyer, Bathrooms, Main Hallway & Front Entrance-Way – In 2012, the Kitchen, Foyer, Main Hallway, both first floor bathrooms, and the entire front entrance were fully House Kitchen Area 600w Big Tournament Horse Facility For Saleremodeled and redecorated. 
  20. Views From House, 360 Degree Panoramic – Every window in the house has a beautiful view.  The idea was to capture every view possible when in the house, while giving you the feeling of being outside. 
    1. Large Full Height Pella Windows – The large living room and upper office have floor-to-ceiling Pella windows giving the feeling of being outside
    2. Large Cantilevered, 6 foot, Concrete Deck off 2nd Floor – On three sides of the large upper office is a 6 foot cantilevered concrete deck.  Access to the deck is from the upper office via two sliding Pella glass doors.  This allows you to go outside, to relax on lounge chairs and to experience the many views from the comfort and security of a 30 foot elevated exterior concrete deck
  21. Large Concrete Patio – Situated near the front of the house and winding around the end of the house is a large concrete patio area housing the free-form concrete in-ground pool, the in-ground hot tub, two dining Concrete Patio Rhodies edited 600wareas and two lounge chair areas. 
    1. Free-Form In-Ground Heated Concrete Pool – The free form, non-diving, in-ground heated concrete pool graduates in depth from 3 feet to 6 feet for swimming enjoyment.  It is heated by a 400,000 BTU propane heater to extend the pool season from early spring to late fall. 
    2. 8 Foot Round In-Ground Hot Tub – The hot tub is always a favorite for family, friends and guests.  The warm soothing action of the hydrotherapy jets helps to relieve any stress and tension.  The hot tub is also heated by the 400,000 BTU propane heater, which raises the temperature quickly. 
      1. 400,000 BTU Propane Pool Heater – The propane pool heater and diatomaceous filter were replaced two years ago.  A 500 gallon propane tank is located above ground, well behind the house and down the side of the mountain.  It has easy access from the parking area to be filled by the propane supplier.
    3. 2 Dining Table Areas – The large concrete patio has two separate dining areas.  Both dining areas are situated to fully capture the views.
    4. 2 Lounging Chair Areas – One of the lounging areas faces the open and distant westerly views while the
      second faces the closer easterly views.  Both lounging areas emphasize the feeling of being at a mountaintop resort with spectacular views and sunsets.
  22. 12 Foot Commercial, 3 Swing Set – This is the same type of swing set we all used as kids when we went to the park to play.  It is a heavy, commercial grade, 12-foot high set of three swings with SPRING PHOTO 2 MMHE FINAL  2493 Belvidere rd  NJ PA Equestrian Properties For Sale  600wred seats manufactured by the L.E. Burke Company.  This is indeed a unique mountaintop swing set. 
  23. Electric Sliding Entrance Gate – In order to maintain complete privacy, the estate has a very inconspicuous entrance way with an uninviting electrically operated remote control gate.  The gate was designed and installed to deter sightseers and other uninvited individuals from casually driving up the quarter mile lane to the top of the mountain. 
    1. Radio Controlled – The electric sliding entrance gate is operated with a small radio control fob in each vehicle like that used to open the garage door.  The gate has its own electrical service and meter.
  24. ¼ Mile-Long Curved, Scenic Driveway – The private scenic driveway to the estate is approximately ¼ mile long and catches many of the close and distant views along the way.  The driveway gently curves along the estate’s property to naturally follow the terrain.
  25. Multiple Entrances to Estate – There are a total of four deeded entrances to The Marble Mountain Horse Estate.  However, only the gated entrance is currently in use.
    1. 1 Entrance is Currently Used – Only the gated entrance is currently in use. This was the original entrance to the property, and the present owners just became accustomed to using it. 
  26. Whole House, Automatic Emergency Generator – The estate’s 200 amp electrical service is fed from Marble Hill Road and comes up the side of the mountain to the house.  In the event of power failures due to extreme bad weather, road accidents knocking down power lines, etc., The Marble Mountain Horse Estate will continue to have full electrical power to the entire estate including the equestrian facility. 
    1. 500 Gallon Propane Tank – The whole house emergency generator is powered by propane from a 500-gallon tank situated well behind the house and down the side of the mountain.  This should power the generator continuously for approximately 2 weeks or longer if the generator is sporadically used when needed. 
    2. 20 KW, 200 Amp – The Generac 20 KW air-cooled generator has a 200-amp automatic transfer switch to maintain transparent electrical power when a power failure occurs.  When the utility electrical service returns, the automatic transfer switch senses this and returns the house to utility electrical service and shuts the generator down to be ready for the next power failure. 
  27. Wireless Weather Station – The master bedroom and the upper second floor large office have detailed, digital, wireless weather station displays.  The wireless, solar powered transmitting station is located approximately 200 feet away on the top of the barn.  Since the weather station is wireless, any number of wireless displays may be installed in the house or barn area. 
  28. Central Air-Conditioning – The house is centrally air conditioned with a Trane 4 ton compressor located in the shade.   Gentle mountaintop breezes help to carry the heat away from the compressor.  The forced air system within the house was designed for maximum efficiency. 
  29. Oil & Electric Baseboard Heat – The house was originally designed with electric baseboard heat and an electric hot water heater.  However, due to rising costs of electricity, the house was converted approximately 15 years ago to baseboard oil heat and hot water.  The living room and the second floor upper office remained electrically heated to optimize efficiency.
    1. 250+ Gals. Heating Oil Tank in Garage – When the house was converted to oil baseboard heat, a 250+ gallon oil tank was installed in the garage.
    2. No Underground Tanks – There are no known underground tanks of any kind on the estate property.
  30. Central Vacuum – The house has the Nutone, dual motor, central vacuum system installed, which adequately reaches every room. 
  31. Central Security System – The house has a central security system serviced by Cooper Security Systems of Alpha, New Jersey.  The security system includes alarms for burglary, fire, and medical needs.  It communicates with a central alarm service via cellular and landline connections. 
  32. Pest Control Service – The house and barn areas are serviced quarterly both internally and externally for a variety of potential pests by Viking Pest Control Service. 
  33. Estate Proximity – The private, secluded Marble Mountain Horse Estate gives the impression of being very remote, but in reality has great proximity to many amenities.  
    1. Feels Remote With Proximity to Shops, Malls, & Restaurants – With the entrance gate normally closed, few people know of the mountaintop retreat.  This seclusion is perfect to maintain privacy and peace of mind away from the stress, tension and noise we experience everyday.  However, when you choose to leave the estate and pass through the gated entrance, there is proximity to all the shops, malls and restaurants.  The gated entrance separates two very different worlds providing a private enclave. 
      1. Hidden Mountaintop Retreat – The Marble Mountain Horse Estate is a private, secluded retreat by Mountain Top Views 8 edited 600wwhich one can relax and release tension and stress.  Horseback riding is a wonderful way to occupy the mind with something other than the daily stress of life.  After riding in the mountaintop ring and manicured trails, you can relax with a chilled beverage in the heated pool and hot tub while enjoying the views, sunsets or stars overhead. There are no neighbors, no one looking out their windows at you, no loud noises, just peace and quiet in the serenity of your own private retreat.
      2. Distant Neighbors – There are no close neighbors or anyone else to disturb your peace and quiet. 
      3. Very Quiet – The retreat is not close to anyone or the road and is very quiet. 
      4. Most People Do Not Know of The Estate – By design, the estate was created to be inconspicuous and hidden from the public and curious eyes.  Simply stated, no one will bother you if they don’t know you are there. 
  34. Equi-distant Commuting, to New York City, 89 miles & Philadelphia, 85 miles – The estate is equi-distant for commuting to New York City and Philadelphia and all points in-between.  Trans Bridge Bus Lines runs regularly scheduled commuter buses direct to Mid Town and Down Town New York City.  There are major highways to both New York City and Philadelphia for those who prefer to drive their own vehicles. 
    1. Commuted to New York City for 35 Years – The present owners of the estate commuted to New York City for over 35 years.  Returning to the estate each evening and on the weekends was a very welcomed peaceful period for mental relaxation and stress relief. 
    2. Commuted to Philadelphia For 5 Years – One of the present owners of the estate also commuted to Philadelphia for an additional 5 years. 
  35. Public & Private School Proximity – The local public schools are highly rated but should you wish to utilize a private school or college, we have provided the following list of schools in the area: 
    1. Private School: Montessori School, 21.8m
    2. Private School: Moravian Academy, 13.9m
    3. Private School: Blair Academy, 22.5m
    4. Private School: Pingry School, 37.2m
    5. Private School: Notre Dame HS, 15.2m
    6. Private School: Bethlehem Catholic HS, 18m
  36. College & University Proximity - There are numerous colleges and universities in the area, and we have provided a partial list of schools:   
    1. College: Princeton University, 54.1m
    2. College: Lehigh University, 22.2m
    3. College: Moravian College, 18.4m
    4. College: Rutgers University, 49.3m
    5. College: Kutztown University, 45.1m
    6. College: Seton Hall University, 55m
    7. College: University of Medicine & Dentistry, 58.5m
    8. College: Northampton Community College, 13.9m
    9. College: Warren County Community College, 9.1m
    10. Sussex County community College, 32.9m
  37. Public Schools - It should also be noted that there are the usual public schools including the Harmony Elementary School (K to 8), which is situated approximately 1000 feet from the estate’s gated entrance.  The Belvidere High School at 7.6 miles is also highly rated.
  38. Malls – The following is a list of the major shopping malls in the area:
    1. Phillipsburg Mall, New Jersey, 4.7m        
    2. Easton Mall, Pennsylvania, 8.8m
    3. Bethlehem Mall, Pennsylvania,18.3m
    4. Allentown Mall, Pennsylvania, 22.2m
    5. Bridgewater Commons Mall, New Jersey, 35.3m
    6. Short Hills Mall, New Jersey, 52.8m
    7. King of Prussia Mall, Pennsylvania, 74.2m
    8. Saucon Valley Mall, Pennsylvania, 25m
    9. Crossings Outlet Center, Pennsylvania, 33.8m
  39. Major Highways – The following is a list of the major highways in the area:East Coast Estate For Sale at 2493 belvidere rd harmony nj 08865 by Tracy Wortmann at 908 454 1717 ext 228 or 908 572 0722 at weichert at www.weichert.com-48021053-
    1. Route 31, 19.5m
    2. Route 33, 13.7m
    3. Route 78, 6.5m
    4. Route 80, 20m
    5. Route 22, 5.2m
    6. Route 519, 0m
    7. Route 57, 3.2m
    8. Route 611, 12.6m
    9. Route 309, 27.1m
    10. Route 476, 32.5m
  40. Recreation Areas – The following is a partial list of the major recreation areas near the estate:
    1. Harker’s Hollow Country Club, 0.7m
    2. Architect’s Golf Club, 2.3m
    3. Merrill Creek Reservoir, 5.7m
    4. Delaware River, 1.5m
    5. Delaware Canals, 8m
    6. Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area, 19m
    7. Numerous Parks, 10 Mile Radius
    8. Numerous Riding Stables 10 Mile Radius
    9. New Hope, Pennsylvania, 41.4m
    10. The Pocono Mountains, 25m
      1. Skiing
      2. Biking
      3. Hiking
      4. Fishing
      5. Water Sports
    11. Great Restaurants, 10 Mile Radius
    12. Sands Casino, Poconos, 22.2m
    13. Bethlehem Casino Hotels, 20.2m
    14. Sands Casino, Bethlehem, 21.3m
  41. Proximity To Counties –  The following is a partial list of the surrounding counties in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York:
    1. New Jersey Counties & Mileage From Harmony, NJ

      Atlantic County ,  142m

      Bergen County , 73m

      Burlington County , 85m

      Camden County , 88m

      Cape May County , 154m

      Cumberland County , 144m

      Essex County , 58m

      Gloucester County , 104m

      Hudson County , 66m

      Hunterdon County 21m

      Mercer County , 48m

      Middlesex County , 56m

      Monmouth County , 80m

      Morris County , 42m

      Ocean County , 110m

      Passaic County , 62m

      Salem County , 115m

      Somerset County 37m

      Sussex County , 45m

      Union County 50m

      Warren County , 0m

Pennsylvania Counties & Their Mileage From Harmony, NJ

Berks County 55m

Bucks County 35m

Carbon County 52m

Chester County 90m

Delaware County 80m

Lackawanna County 70m

Lancaster County 89m

Lehigh County 24m

Luzerne County 78m

Monroe County 25m

Montgomery County 66m

Northampton County 14m

Philadelphia County 81m

Pike County 55m

Schuylkill County 67m

Susquehanna County 113m

  1. New York Counties & Their Mileage From Harmony, NJ

Bronx County 83m

Delaware County 144m

Dutchess County 147m

Kings County 76m

Nassau County 99m

New York County 75m

Orange County 68m

Queens County 84m

Richmond County 72m

Rockland County 88m

Suffolk County 72m

Sullivan County 93

Ulster County 134m

Westchester County 108m 

  1. Airports:

Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE)  19.4m

Newark Liberty International Airport  60m

Philadelphia International Airport  90.3m  



New Jersey Horse Estate Features

Property Type: Single Family
4 2 Full/1 Half
8 43.05 Acres 1980
Yes-2 spaces Stone Electric

Bragging Rights

Electric Range
Main Floor
Upper Floor
2 1


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